More Than We Deserve Greater Than We Imagine
By Max Lucado

All of us face secret temptations that threaten to separate us from God and from God’s people. Second Samuel chapter six reveals that King David spent a whole season of his life dedicated to making stupid, idiotic, godless decisions. In one year, David lusted after another man’s wife, committed adultery with her, lied to her husband, had her husband killed, and then acted as if he had done nothing wrong! He was in that time a hypocrite! One thing was clear, David could not escape his guilt before God.

David’s guilt made him feel old, achy and withered. How does guilt affect you? Do you have any physical responses to the stress?

What should you do when you’ve had a disagreement with a friend, family member or coworker?

How should you respond to an apology? Can you offer that person grace, regardless of how big or how small his or her mistake was?

Is there something you need to confess to God right now?