Our Mission: “To Exalt Jesus and Glorify God The Father”
Sermons Welcome to the sermons page! We pray that you will find the sermons both challenging as well as thought provoking. As 2 Timothy 2:15 exhorts us; “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the Word of truth.” All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB, unless otherwise noted.
A Restoration Movement Church
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2016 Sermons
REvolution Evolution
Idols (10/9/16)
Rushing out of the Margins (10/23/16)
Backs Against (11/6/16)
The Intersection  (10/30/16)
Transgressing God (11/13/16)
Returning to the Scene (11/20/16)
I have Decided, Am I Deceived  (11/27/16)
We All Need Recovery (12/4/16)
Advancing the Battlefront   (12/11/16)
 Journey into Eternity   (12/18/16)
Waking Up  (7/3/16)
When they Collide  (7/10/16)
 A Great Commision  (7/17/16)
Are you a high maintenance Christian  (7/24/16)
 Living, Ready to Die  (8/7/16)
 Forgiveness  (7/31/16)
 The 2 Debtors  (8/14/16)
Collision Course
 Where have they all  Gone (8/28/16)
 Spiritual Fitness A 5  Step Plan (9/4/16)
  External    (9/11/16)
  Being Committed   (9/18/16)
  Trouble     (9/25/16)
What will you Live? Fear or Faith   (10/2/16)
What does God say when   we pray Part 3 (4/3/16)
I must be Broken to be made Whole (4/17/16)
When I am Empty (5/1/16)
When I am Authentic  (5/8/16)
In Mourning I will be Happy (4/24/16)
The Great Faith of Mother  (5/15/16)
In an Effort to Grow  (5/22/16)
Direction - Matt Love  (5/29/16)
Obliged (6/26/16)
Contented in an Uncontented World  (6/12/16)
God’s Amazing Grace  (6/5/16)
Strange Joy  (6/19/16)
Fasting: Oddity or Necessity - Today (3/6/16)
What does God say when   we pray Part 1 (3/13/16)
The Blood (3/27/16)
Bothered (2/7/16)
Love Life (2/14/16)
Fasting: Oddity or Necessity - Old Testament (2/21/16)
Fasting: Oddity or Necessity - New Testament (2/28/16)
Unplug to Connect (1/3/16)
Saul to Paul (1/10/16)
Inverted (1/17/16)
What You Tolerate (1/24/16)
 When the Christ Comes   (12/25/16)