Grow, Guide, Glorify Decatur Church of Christ Our Mission: “To Exalt Jesus and Glorify God The Father”
A Restoration Movement Church

Simple Mission, Simple Church

Decatur Church of Christ founded in 1952 as Washington Street Church of Christ was founded as a “Restoration Movement” church and established with a smiple message and plea. The heart of the “Restoration Movement” is simple, restore Christians to the first century faith revealed in the Scriptures. Though not originating with the “Restoration Movement” our plea is one that holds true for all “Restoration Movement” churches today; “In Faith, Unity! In Opinions, Liberty! In All Things, Love!” what does that mean for us today? Our desire is to realize in our generation the church as Jesus envisioned it and and His hand picked Apostles taught it. For us that means we adhere to, in principle and practice the rule of faith and practice as founbd in the New Testament Scriptures. The goal is the unity among God’s children. This is something all believers should pray for and work toward every day we have been blessed with. This is the only way in which we will be the witnesses we are called to be and to obtain the fullest measure of the sacrifice of Christ’s death for all mankind. While over the years the face of Decatur Church of Christ has changed, the founding principles and heart has not. Today, we embrace the plea for unity, pray and strive for this goal in our personal lives as well as in the life of the church body through the simple plea to come to Him who is worthy and Grow in Christ, Guide other to His heart and Glorify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in this life through a life of worship. That is our invitation to you. Come and join us as we Grow, Guide and Glorify! Location and Hours 700 East Monroe Street Decatur, IN 46733 260-724-2024 Lord’s Day Service All Sunday School  9:00 AM Celebration and Worship 10:00 AM Wednesday Services All Bible Study Classes  6:30 PM Faithlife Click here to access Decatur Church of Christ’s Faithlife page as well as links to current sermons

Grow, Guide, Glorify

Decatur Church of Christ exists to help all people GROW spiritually, to GUIDE others and to GLORIFY God in every aspect of life and ministry. As a member of DCC you will find our focus is to help Christians and non-Christians alike GROW in their walk with Christ, through teaching, small groups, fellowship, etc. DCC will equip Christians to reach out and GUIDE unbelievers to a right relationship with Jesus through community projects, small groups, evangelism, missions and living Christ out loud and in a personal way. Our focus on Christ will ensure that all aspects of ministries will GLORIFY God through worship, continual growth, spreading His message, prayer and through a life impacted and changed to reflect the Glory of Christ.